Study Descripción

The ADNI-Brain Health Registry (ADNI-BHR) collaboration invites ADNI participants to continue their ADNI experience by completing optional online brain tests and questionnaires about their thinking, memory, and día-to-día functioning to be completed unsupervised by the participant in their homes. They are also asked to identify and invite their ADNI study partner to the Caregiver and Study Partner Portal (CASPP) within ADNI-BHR, where the study partner will answer questions about the participant and the study partner him/herself. Subsequently they will receive an email inviting them to return every three meses to answer more questions and take repeated tests.

Study Goal / Impact

The purpose of ADNI-BHR is to provide valuable insights about whether brain health information collected online can tell us the same thing as information collected in a clinical setting. This information can then be used to design the best assessments for future research studies

Study Institution

University of California, San Francisco