Study Descripción

Dr. Marek Brzezinski’s “Effects of Brain Beta Amyloid on Postoperative Cognition” (POCD) has partnered with the Brain Health Registry (BHR) to create a more informative, enriched dataset. Participants who have been already enrolled in the original POCD study are invited to join the Cognition After Surgery & Anesthesia-BHR (CASA-BHR) collaboration where they will complete online brain tests and questionnaires about their thinking, memory, and día-to-día functioning. They are also asked to identify and invite a study partner to the Caregiver and Study Partner Portal (CASPP) within CASA-BHR, where the study partner will answer questions about the participant and the study partner him/herself. Participants will receive an email reminding them to return every six meses to retake the brain tests and questionnaires.

Study Goal / Impact

The goal of the CASA-BHR is to determine the relationship between cognitive and clinical data collected online with in-clinic and in-hospital data collected as part of the “Effects of Brain Beta Amyloid on Postoperative Cognition” study. We are specifically interested in assessing whether data collected online can identify subjects at risk for developing postoperative decline in memory and thinking, as well as future development of mild cognitive impairment or dementia.

Study Institution

University of California, San Francisco